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My wishlist for the rest of 2015

Yes yes I know, you were starting to wonder if I was still alive. Well I’m here – buried under a mountain of work, but here. And since it’s my first time back in a loooong time, I thought I’d inject some positivity into this here place – with a fantabulous wishlist for the rest of the year. Five months and counting. Usually people wait until Christmas to put together their wishlists, but I’ve never been what you’d describe as normal. Also, it’s Christmas in July right now, and since no-one invited me to their big dinner (shame on you) I thought I’d put together this list instead.

  1. I wish to be having these things. Please to be buying for me? I have no money, but I like very much the things.


  1. I wish tequila didn’t taste so damn good. Seriously, 377 days of no drinking, and it’s like I never left. Oops.


  1. I wish I could remember the last hour of my birthday party. Double oops.




  1. I wish I hadn’t put this red race shirt on backwards when I did the 11km Knysna Featherbeds trail run. I look freaking retarded.


  1. I wish I was able to say to myself, ‘It’s ok, have a cheat meal’, and then not stress about it for weeks afterwards. Will I ever be able to eat like a normal person again?
  1. I wish I had enjoyed this race more. Bastille Day Trail Run, 15km. I loathed every minute of it. At least the pic looks good though.

Bastille Day

  1. I wish there was alcohol in this glass. Turns out that after more than an entire year of not drinking, I still can’t stop at one. Fucking hell. So the sobriety continues until my Run the Berg race in October. And then we’ll reassess.


  1. I wish I could tell you how AMPED I am that a year after my very first trail run at Paul Cluver Wine Estate, I completed the same course OVER AN HOUR FASTER than last year! 60 minutes bitch – count them!


  1. I wish I had this guy’s phone number. I’ve made celibacy a life choice going forward (genuine) but I would let this guy shoplift the pooty in a nanosecond. Jesus wept is he hot.

Brock 3

  1. I wish I could do pedicures as well as the awesome folks at Rouge Day Spa. Most of the time I can barely touch my toes, so I love that I have someone to take care of them for me. Look how pretty – all lovingly wrapped up in Orly Rock It. And rock it, I do.



  1. I wish this had gone a little better this morning. But it’s ok. After two weeks of parties, festivals, dinners, lunches and what what, I’m back on track and I’m ready to kick butt for the next phase of my journey. Bring it on life, let’s see what you’ve got!


  1. And lastly, I wish I could say I was sorry for ending off with another one of these. But I’m not. Brock understands.

Brock 2